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Water politics will destroy region
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
The ‘tunnels’ water plan is just an underground version of the old ‘peripheral’ canal of about 50 years ago — only it may be worse than that. 
I can’t add much to what you wrote and have written in the past and my letters to the editor regarding this subject except things never seem to change.  Maybe they just get worse with time in some instances and I believe this is one of those instances.  I cannot think of anything worse to happen to the people of this valley other than some overwhelming natural disaster like a 8.0 earthquake or an overwhelming flood (maybe even those events would not match the chaos proposed by our government.
Why does Gov. Brown (AKA ‘Guv Moonbeam’) want to do this?  That is the question.  Water is more valuable than gold in California and no more valuable anywhere in this state than in the dry southern parts of our state.  Water also means power — the combination of money and power must be exhilarating to people who desire such things.
If he is able to do what he wants, the destruction to Central and Central/West California could be overwhelming and ruin many lives not to mention the terrible effect on the entire Bay Area which is part of the delta system or estuary.  I am wondering if the Bay Area is aware of this and of what the effect will be on the communities in counties that are on or near the bay? 
The salt manufacturers that used to line the southern bay were required to pack up and leave — their mark on the bay was nothing compared to what the taking of fresh water before it enters the delta will do to it.  Are these counties and cities aware of this?  What can be done to stop this?  Why can we not bring it to a vote?  I know SoCal would vote for it as it is in their best interests; but, the delta is in our part of California — does it belong to the state instead of ‘we the people’ that live here?  Why do we not have a voice?

Marie Evans