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Body regrets decisions made on his birthday
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EDITOR’S NOTE: Joshua Messersmith has been selected to participate in the Year of You, a fitness challenge hosted by The Manteca Bulletin, CORE Athletic Performance and CalFit Manteca. Messersmith is keeping a weekly journal, highlighting the strides and struggles of his fitness journey. These are his thoughts and feelings shared with you.


Day 85 

Well today did not go as planned because of another 16 hour day at work. A long, non-eventful day that was spent thinking of working out instead of doing. At least I was still able to hit all my macros for the day and did not cheat at all throughout the day. At least I have tomorrow to look forward too.


Day 86

After what felt like a long day at work, I was off and ready to workout. Once I was off I went home to get ready for the gym but went to Modesto for my sister’s game first. I was finally able to make her game on time but the game ended up starting early so I missed her first at bat. After an easy victory over Central Catholic I left the school and went straight to CORE. Once I got to the gym I started a chest and tricep workout with Robert but he had to stop shortly after to help out other clients. I continued my workout and then Robert rejoined me towards the end. After the workout was complete I finished up with cardio on the treadmill. I went home once I was completed to get some rest after another long week.


Day 87

I started my day off at CORE with a time set leg day. By the end of the workout I walked out of the gym already sore. Once I got home I began to make some food for myself and rested before I was to go back to the gym later that day. Between that time I picked up my sister from school then took her to practice. I then went back home to do some “honey-do” chores and then I went back to CORE to do a back and bicep workout with Robert. After the lifting I had cardio with the boot camp class and that was way more tough than I thought it would be. To end my workout I had to do a couple of sprints and attempted to do it with my training mask on. That was not smart on my part. I then went home to BBQ for my fiancé and her family to end my night.


Day 88

Instead of another day off I decided to pick up a shift today. A quick day luckily and I was still off by 2. I took off straight to CORE for the monthly weigh-ins, the results showed progress but I was not pleased with myself. I then went home to get ready to go see my sister’s game against East Union. The game was a great one — a pitching duel that lasted 11 innings and was very entertaining to say the least. Although Sierra did not come away with the W it was still a great game. As soon as the game ended I took off straight to CORE to get in a good shoulder workout with Robert. I could not lift my arms after that workout was done. I then returned home to get something to eat before turning in for the night.


Day 89

Well I decided to get some extra sleep and start my day at the 1030 a.m. class. I played Frisbee followed by an ab workout with Robert and one of his athletes. I was physically drained by the end of the workout and still had to go to work. I rushed home once I was done to get ready for work and then proceeded to go to work where I ended my day.


Day 90

Well it is party day. I started my day off by doing all the yard work before going shopping for clothes with Robert, the fashion expert as well as a great trainer. After spending a couple hours shopping I went back home to help set up for the party before shutting it down to enjoy game 1 of the NBA Playoffs for the Warriors. Once the game was over I got ready for the party then began to BBQ, well start BBQing before my future father in law took over so I could enjoy the party. I then began to relax and have fun with everyone around and my macros, well they were not accounted for on this day. After a fun night I was ready to turn in for the night and did so once everybody left.


Day 91

Well it is my birthday and my body regrets all the decisions I made last night. I called in sick to work because of how I was feeling and got a few extra hours of sleep. After I woke up I along with Shelby cleaned the house and pretty much we were just lazy the rest of the day. I am ready to get back on track tomorrow and cannot wait to continue this journey.