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Delta College showcases new data center
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STOCKTON — Delta College’s state-of-the-art data center is emerging as a model for future data centers in the community college system.

With the exterior work on Delta’s Data Center almost complete, work has started on the interior infrastructure technology. Further exterior infrastructure and landscaping work will move forward this spring and summer.

Located on the north edge of the campus, the Data Center will provide a new home for the district’s technological nerve center. The new Data Center will consolidate Information Services, Information Technology and Audio Visual into one convenient location. This centralized location will improve customer service and communication among the college’s Information Technology staff, and serve as the technological “hub” for Delta’s district.

“The goal is to improve the delivery of technology services and expand our capabilities in order to meet the District’s projected future needs,” said Lee Belarmino, Vice President of Information Technology. “We envision a Data Center that will see Delta through the hi-tech advances of the next few decades.” Belarmino said. “I believe Delta’s Data Center may become a model for new data centers throughout the California Community College system.”

The latest fiber optic and networking technology is central to future expansion. These advances will allow voice, video, data, air conditioning, security and other low voltage systems to run through the same network. This method is called “structured” cable design. This new network configuration will achieve technological “convergence.” Simply put, “convergence” is the ability of network architecture to allow disparate systems to talk to one another. “This will also allow the District to support future technologies only imagined,” added Belarmino.

Yes, the technology is important, but Belarmino emphasizes the need for security. Rather than a grandiose location in the center of campus, the Data Center is located at the northern perimeter. Separate areas for electrical control and a loading dock for deliveries ensure greater security by keeping unauthorized persons out of secure areas. The computer rooms will be constructed with concrete cinder blocks, with special non-descript steel barriers tactically located. “It would take a task or a bulldozer to get in,” smiles Belarmino. Access control, utilizing the latest ID technology, will limit unauthorized access to the server room.

The Center’s design includes traditional office space with windows. This area will house the administrators, programmers and helpdesk staff. “It will also be really great to have a storage and workshop area for repairs,” said Dave Sartain, Delta College Information Technology Director. “It will be similar to what you would see in the Geek Squad workspace at Best Buy.”