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Lions N Lambs Fall on the Farm
Preschoolers Taylor Sherwood, Isaiah Kirchner, Belle Beglinger and Nolan Trout visit Porky the pig brought by Janet Dyk of San Joaquin County Ag Venture.

The Lions N’ Lambs Preschool/Kindergarten Fall on the Farm event took place on Oct. 29-30  at school campus located at Calvary Community Church in Manteca.

This was both a fun and educational event. Along with carnival games, hayrides, bounce houses and pumpkin picking, the children were also able to learn about different aspects of farm living.

Local riding instructors Suzan Cunningham and Cindy Robertson brought miniature horses, ponies and full-sized horses that the children were able to ride. The Durham Ferry 4-H club brought horses for horseback rides and talked to the children about the care and maintenance of the horses. Janet Dyk of San Joaquin County Ag Venture brought several farm animals including a calf, goat, bunny, pig and three alpacas.  She gave the children lots of information about each animal and what they are used for on the farm.

The school provided a butter-making station where children made their own butter. Teachers talked about the butter-making process and joined in the fun by shaking whipping cream in a baby food jar with the children.

Also provided by the school was a milking barn in which the children were told about dairy farms, where milk comes from and what we make with it.

After a short discussion the children took turns pretending to milk a cow on sawhorses made to look like cows.  Teachers filled latex gloves with a mixture of powdered milk and water and tied them underneath the sawhorse cows. Holes were poked in the fingertips and children were allowed to squeeze the gloves to see the milk come out.