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Widmer, Mossdale usher students into high school in style
The Mossdale Elementary boys make their way over to the pre ceremony festivities and have a blast the entire time Wednesday at the 2011 Promotion Ceremonies.

LATHROP — Widmer Elementary Principal. Suzan Turner-Kelley opened the 2011 promotion ceremonies in a packed Widmer gymnasium to help send her graduating class into to the next stage in their lives.

Family and friends of the 88 graduates filed into the gym for the opportunity to see their student of the moment be recognized for completing the required curriculum to step onto the high school scene.

The Widmer Wildcats also added a beautiful touch to the procedures, as the eight students who were class valedictorians combined to deliver a speech that resonated witht all in attendance.

Mossdale Elementary

Students set to begin the next journey in life did not seem fazed one bit, as the Mossdale Elementary students as they prepared to begin the 2011 promotion ceremonies.

As parents, family and friends filled the Mossdale Gymnasium, all of the graduating class got in position for their class picture. The girls in white robes and the boys in dark blue, got in position to finalize the moment in time, sharing laughter and emotion amongst one another.

Mossdale Principal Susan M. Sanders welcomed all in attendance and was delighted to present the Class of 2011 to the audience.