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Diane Marie Nicolini
July 31, 1955-June 30, 2022
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Diane Marie Nicolini, born in July 1955 passed away June 30, 2022 after the most courageous fight imaginable against a long relentless illness. She passed peacefully with her husband, mom, sister and sister-in-law at her side. She was less than a month shy of turning 67.

   The world lost an extraordinary woman, a living Angel among us.  She was generous, loving, open hearted, and frequently contributed to charities of all kinds. One of those was the Portuguese organization FESM in Manteca. She was a side maid to the little queen of FESM as a little girl, and roughly a decade later in the 1970s she served as the FESM big queen. She was a lifelong member of the FESM, never missed a Festa and was a frequent contributor to its charitable activities, fundraisers and was a regular at the auctions; as well as to the other Manteca organization MRPS and also to the Modesto organization MPPA. In addition she was a frequent contributor to a host of other charities like St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, the Shriner’s Hospital, Wounded Warriors, American Cancer Society and many others.

   Her kind heart was always active and manifested in numerous ways. She rescued animals for decades and her house is filled with them. She was so kind and tender to them that they just adored her. She tamed the wildest of them in short order. She and her husband even rescued two special needs children, adopted them and raised them.

   In her professional life she was a Senior Certified Escrow Officer and was a highly respected Escrow Officer for 34 years in a fiercely demanding business. She thrived in it being one of the best ever. She retired in 2007 to join her husband in business and to be with her family and she was never busier. She immersed herself in genealogy and through DNA results through Ancestry she was able to connect half-brothers to one another who did not know the other existed. She was able to connect adopted children as adults to birth families and many of them met under her supportive supervision at her home. That is so like Diane. She loved family and was always drawing people together and helping relationships form. She brought closure to many people who otherwise would have never had it.  It was easy for her to make friends. She never met a stranger. It didn’t take long for them to love her. Friends were really family to Diane. She frequently said the love of her life, her husband, was not blood related to her even remotely. She looked on friends similarly, that family includes both blood relatives and people who are not blood relatives. Love knows no bounds and hers didn’t.  She drew people together like flowers draw honey bees and yet she never realized how special she was. The children from her previous home on George Ave drew around her loving nature and soon she held story time for them while sitting on the lawn and serving them chocolate milk and/or cookies. Even the hospital personnel at St. Agnes Hospital fell in love with her. Her personality put people at ease and her genuine warm and inviting heart made them family. She loved family gatherings and was ever the host, loved playing Pedro and loved cooking. She was humble, never realized how brilliant a light she was. Rather, she would often point out her short comings. She didn’t think she was anyone special but the truth is, she was very special and her passing has left a huge hole in the hearts of all those who love her.

   She is survived by her loving husband of over 30 years Michael Nicolini of Modesto, her two sons Nick of Portland and Miles of Miami; her mom and dad Albert and Edna Freitas of Manteca, her brother and sister-in-law Don and Marie Freitas of Manteca, her sister and brother-in-law, Denise and Joe Silva of Patterson, numerous godchildren, nephews, nieces, grand nephews, grand nieces and extended family too numerous to list. She loved them all.

She never missed a birthday or an anniversary for all those people she knew and loved. The family wants to continue in her example by remembering her birthday. Please join us in celebrating her birthday this July 31, at 1:00 to 4:00  p.m. at Woodward Park Pavilion, address 710 E. Woodward, Manteca, Ca, for cake and refreshments. Please bring birthday cards with your fondest memories of her written inside. Her husband wants to put together a memorial book for her using those memories. Gifts? In lieu thereof donations payable to the American Cancer Society in her memory would be a fitting tribute to her. The family will have a pavilion there but seating maybe limited, so bring your own chairs just in case. There is a children’s playground, electricity, bathrooms, etc.


Manteca (Calif.) Bulletin

Friday, July 23, 2022