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Transgenders, schools & using girls bathrooms
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin

After the shock wore off, I am complied to comment on the proposed law to allow transgender boys (who and how will a person be labeled and certified a transgender?) in girls’ bathrooms and showers. If this happened when I was in high school I would have thought I died and went to heaven to receive my 75 virgins.

Does anyone realize the unintended consequences to this law?

First: when a girl reports a sexual assault by a transgender what will happen, will it just be shrug off?  How will schools protect girls from assaults, rapes and just plain invasion of privacy?

Second: There are cameras that can be hidden almost anywhere. Will pictures posted of girls lead to suicide of teenage girls? What about cell phones with cameras in them?

Third: Who will pay for the lawsuits that are generated from this stupid and reckless law? You got it - the taxpayers will pay again for stupidity of our fine elected officials.

Fourth: The ACLU and NAMBLA are licking their chops for this law to pass the lawsuits will be endless with the taxpayer on the hook.

I purpose that anyone that votes for, supports and passes this law be held personally responsible for any and all criminal and civil actions that precipitate from it.

Gene Coufal
May 21, 2013