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Crushed phone means no fitness app
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EDITOR’S NOTE: Joshua Messersmith has been selected to participate in the Year of You, a fitness challenge hosted by The Manteca Bulletin, CORE Athletic Performance and CalFit Manteca. Messersmith is keeping a weekly journal, highlighting the strides and struggles of his fitness journey. These are his thoughts and feelings shared with you


Day 113 

Another great start to a great day and great week. After a long day yesterday I was ready to start today off great and hope for it to go by fast. Luckily it did. I did not eat much at work because I did not have much time to do enough meal prep for my week but I made what I had last. Once I was off I went to pick up my sister from school then took her home before taking her to practice. I then went home to relax for a short while and get something to eat and start preparing dinner before going back to pick up my sister then head off to CORE. I got in a great back and bicep workout and went home to relax to end the night.


Day 114

Woke up and was ready to conquer the day. I had plans on going to the A’s game with my dad when I got off work so I got a workout from Robert when I got off and went straight to 24 hour Fitness to get my chest and tri work in. It was a great workout that had me sore and tired by the end. I ended up not going to the A’s game and staying home, but it was nice to have the rest of the night to myself to catch up on some TV and make a few meals for the following days.


Day 115

I spent the day in the Bay Area shopping with my fiancé for her birthday and I had to go to a few Nike stores because I had 30% for the day through my job. We had lunch in Livermore where I was still able to enjoy a meal and stay within my Macros. After a long day of walking around and shopping we returned home and I debated whether to go workout or stay home and watch the Warriors game. I ended up doing both. A late night workout turned south real quick when the person who used the squat rack prior to me “forgot” to re-rack their weights. As I was loading my weights, one of the improperly racked weights fell straight onto my phone and destroyed it. I attempted to continue my squat reps but could not find it in me to finish and walked out of the gym. I went to bed hoping tomorrow will be better then how today ended.


Day 116

As my usual days off start, I was at CORE for the 10:30 class to get in my leg workout and also my shoulder work. After doing both body parts I was drained and ready to head home. But I was stopped and told I had to cardio on top of that by Robert. At first I thought he was joking but he was not. I started my cardio and got a little over a third of my time in before calling it quits. I was beat and went to finish my cardio later on that day. I ended my day out in the rain at Arnaiz field in Stockton watching my sister’s first 2 playoff games, which her team won both convincingly. 


Day 117

Well I am still phoneless and I had to find a way to find myself a replacement phone and finally got a hold of one prior to going to CORE. The most important thing I was missing from my phone was the My Fitness Pal app that kept track of everything I ate throughout the day. Once I got that back I was able to get back on track and know exactly what I was eating. I then went to CORE to play Frisbee along with doing cardio and ab work after. As all my Fridays go, I then went home to get dressed and ready for work where I ended my day.


Day 118

Well another 16-hour day wishing I was not at work and at my sister’s softball game. I had my mom and dad giving my constant updates about the game. Luckily she had a big hit that helped jumped start her team to an easy victory towards winning the section title. That was the highlight of my day as the rest of it was spent at work and having a couple of easy shifts.


Day 119

Well I finally caught up on some rest in the morning before going to work where I ended my day at. I was able to have good food once again and hit all my macros with ease. Another week down and another week ahead to improve — I cannot wait!