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Dodging sweet temptations
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EDITOR’S NOTE: Joshua Messersmith has been selected to participate in the Year of You, a fitness challenge hosted by The Manteca Bulletin, CORE Athletic Performance and CalFit Manteca. Messersmith is keeping a weekly journal, highlighting the strides and struggles of his fitness journey. These are his thoughts and feelings shared with you.


Day 22

Well today began as a struggle. I could not wake up and slept through several alarms, which lead me to missing breakfast and throwing off my day from the start. Luckily I had my pre-made meals for my day at work and did not fall too far behind. I would be lying if I did not say it was hard for me to not stop at a McDonalds or somewhere else for a quick breakfast but I knew if I did that then my whole day would be very difficult to eat healthy. I waited until I arrived at work and stuck with my Greek yogurt and granola and repeated my healthy eating throughout the day. After work my first thought was to go to the gym, the first day at the new CORE location. Robert had a good back and bicep day planned out for me followed up by 30 minutes of moderate cardio. A successful day to say the least.


Day 23

Another early morning but a much better start to my day. I started off with a protein shake and my usual eggs. My favorite breakfast. I then went to work for another 16 hour day. Keeping my meals to quinoa, broccoli and either chicken, ground turkey or fish. At the end of the day came my biggest debate whether to go home for the night or get my workout in. Since CORE was closed by the time I got off I went straight to 24 Hour Fitness and got my workout in. A chest and tricep day followed my 25 minutes on the treadmill. After a long day all I wanted to do was sleep. I was asked to go out with friends after and because it was my Friday I did not see why not. But at the same time I knew i could not go out and “party.” I did not want to put myself in that situation, even though it is what people my age usually do. I had to remind myself of the commitment I have made and know I have to make certain sacrifices.


Day 24

After a long week of work I got a late start to my day. I started my day off at CORE with a leg day. No better workout to start a day. I ended my workout with another good cardio session. I then made my way home and prepared myself chicken along with broccoli and quinoa for my first meal of the day. Well as I said I had a late start to my day and did not eat too much throughout the day. When dinner time came around I checked what I had eaten for the day and how much room I had left for my diet for the day. I entered in what pizza would do and it worked out. I stayed at my goals and enjoyed my first “cheat” meal while still following my diet.


Day 25

After sleeping in again on my day off, I woke up at a decent time and started my day off again with eggs and then headed off to go referee a basketball game at work. I know I said it was my day off but it was a fun way to get some cardio and get paid doing it. After I got off I went home and began cooking for the week ahead. Today’s workout was a little different then what I was used to. It was an all-cardio day. Jogging on the outside turf and going through warmups to start. Then I had to start running stairs while carrying a 45-pound plate, followed by 30 minutes of treadmill work in 1.5-minute intervals changing the speeds, then ending with more stair work but this time 15 times. 


Day 26

Another day started at the gym. I started off with some tough ab work followed by some shoulder work. A day off from cardio, which I’m happy about after the work I put in all week. After my workout I had to run to the store to get my last-second Valentine’s Day shopping done (which was a success if I may add). After that it was time for work and had my meals prepared and ready to hit all my goals for the day. 


Day 27

Valentine’s Day. A day for sweets. My No. 1 enemy. Luckily, I have a smart fiancé who bought me sweets but in powder form. I still got my chocolate but it was my protein. I had another 16-hour shift, so my day wasn’t any different then all my other weekend logs. Another boring long day filled with my usual foods and hitting all my goals once again.


Day 28 

Well, since my fiancé did the shopping this week she took it upon herself to buy some muffins from Costco. I was tempted to have one of these instead of making a healthy breakfast. I put the numbers into my app and it would have worked but I wouldn’t be able to eat much for the day. So I stuck to a healthy breakfast with yogurt and granola. My treat to myself for the day was Chipotle; still a healthy choice but a change from my normal food. No workout for the day and I am ready for the week ahead of me.