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Going from pants size 18 to 14 in 35 days
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Day 29

Woohoo! I didn’t walk one single time during the warm up tonight and I was able to bear crawl the entire time I was supposed to. It’s pretty amazing that I get excited just getting through the warm up. When Tony (trainer) said we could get water I thought to myself “You did it! You finally did a whole warm up!” My next goal is to be able to complete some of the exercises without modifications. Baby steps, but I am definitely feeling like I am making progress and my body feels so much stronger!  Note to self, though: Do not go to Costco immediately after working out! 

Day 30

Tonight’s workout could’ve been called “How many different ways can you work out your biceps!” A lot of the exercises seemed very similar and that they wouldn’t be too difficult … that was until I started doing them.  It is funny how heavy an eight-pound dumbbell can feel. When I was lifting I was thinking about my twin daughters and how I used to be able to carry one in each arm while carrying a diaper bag over my shoulder. And now I’m struggling with an eight-pound dumbbell and having to rest in between sets. I’m feeling good this week though and am hoping for some weight loss this week.


Day 31

Tommy (trainer) must have had an energy drink before our workout tonight. Holy smokes. After I stopped playing competitive volleyball, I swore I would never run another ladder again or basically run at anything faster than a slow jog. Tonight brought back lots of memories of running in the gym and the coach yelling, “If I catch you jogging, we’re all doing burpees.” I think Tommy called up my old coach to get that line. I can’t say that I enjoyed tonight’s workout during the workout, but sitting here tonight I’m realizing how good my body feels and it’s a good kind of soreness throughout my body. 


Day 32

A lot of people have been asking me if it’s getting easier. I tell them that it is getting easier to stay on track eating wise. I do not have cravings like I used to, especially for sweets. I have not had a diet soda since I’ve started and I do not miss that at all. Cereal was my biggest craving/weakness and I have only had it twice since I started. I crave water. Yes, I crave water. I forgot to pack my water for work today and panic started to set in. Working out is becoming more a part of my routine, although there are many nights that I would rather just come home and curl up in bed. Easier, yes, but definitely not easy.


Day 33

Valentine’s Day! That means a party in most classrooms with cupcakes, cookies, candy and pizza flowing freely. I walked through many classrooms today and was offered something yummy to eat in every room I entered. I was even handed boxes of leftover cupcakes and pizza to take back to the office. Thankfully, none of these treats looked very appetizing to me and I did not even taste one single item. Now that is true progress. The cupcakes and cookies and such did not even look good to me and I knew that if I ate one two things would happen:  1) I wouldn’t be able to stop myself from eating more if I started and 2) I knew my stomach would be hurting soon after I indulged.  Willpower finally happened for me.


Day 34

I have discovered that the weekends are the hardest days of the week to stay on track with my eating. When I’m at work it seems easier to keep to a schedule and I can only eat the foods that I packed for the day. At home it is a different story. Food is readily available and I have down time; a deadly combination.

Day 35

I spent the day shopping with my girls – an activity that I love. However, in recent years I have not enjoyed shopping for myself because of my weight. I was not planning on buying anything for myself today, but decided to try on a pair of pants to check what size I would be. I was ecstatic when I put on a size 14 and they fit.  Thirty five days ago I was squeezing into a size 18. I bought the size 14 pair of pants and told myself that this was the last thing I was ever going to buy at the plus size store as size 14 is their smallest size. It feels good to know that the next time I go shopping that I will be able to shop in the stores and departments that I want to shop in, not the ones I have to shop in.


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