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Hardest part of workout: Putting on that sports bra
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EDITOR’S NOTE: Jeanette Balmut has been selected to participate in the Year of You, a fitness challenge hosted by The Manteca Bulletin, CalFit Manteca and CORE Athletic Performance. Balmut is keeping a weekly journal, highlighting the strides and struggles of her fitness journey. These are her thoughts and feelings shared with you.


Day 36 

First day of baseball means 5 a.m. workout! I hit the gym and do my usual 60-minute cardio.  It’s such a different vibe in the mornings.  It seems to be the working women who come in for their workouts before heading off to work.  It’s no time for the weak, that’s for sure.  People seem to be on a mission – get in, workout, get out and start your day!  I like it.

I have my morning protein shake and pack my lunch and snacks for the day since I won’t be home again till late this evening.  I am being diligent with eating and staying on track.  It’s way easier Monday through Friday. I get up; eat breakfast, lunch a snack and then home for dinner.  No need for outside influences to creep in and make it hard to stay on track.  


Day 37 

I feel super good going into the gym today.  It’s been 30 hours since I was here last, that’s like a vacation to me!  I have an extra little pep in my step today.  I get to the gym and do a warm-up until Antonio motions for me to come over so we can get to work.  He starts me on some machines for my arms and we move to the back and do some abs and legs.  Planks. Oh, my word. Talk about hard.  I am shaking trying to maintain this pose.  We move to leg lifts.  OUCH.  As some of you saw, we moved on to the tire lifts.  Antonio posted the video on our Facebook page and because it was literally a nightmare to see myself, I had to delete it.  It was just too embarrassing.  I finished it off with 18 minutes on the Stairmaster!  FEEL THE BURN.  

Antonio reminds me to keep sending him pictures of the meals I am eating. It’s a way for me to stay accountable and make sure I am eating the right foods and amounts.  I have been sticking to my two meals a day and three protein shakes.  I have replaced my breakfast with a protein shake.  Actually starting to like them!

So I was asked two questions today. Are you starting to get addicted to working out? Really? Are you kidding me? NO!  I could easily lie back down on my couch and be happy to just veg there, but I am in this for the long run and determined so nothing is going to stop me.  Second question: What is the hardest part of working out?  You want the truth?  Here goes: putting on the sport bra.  It’s like a full workout just to get it on.  I don’t know who invented the “sports bra” but hands down the worst thing ever.   It does nothing to flatter you.  You have a una-boob and that is about the most unattractive thing ever.  I absolutely dread coming home from the gym knowing I am going to have to remove this armor.  If I have done arm or shoulder workout, forget about it. I could never gather the strength to get this thing off!  It’s not pretty I know, but it’s the truth!  It’s like a workout in itself!


Day 38 

Another afternoon of baseball, so that means another 5 a.m. workout.  I don’t mind it. I get up and barely comb the hair.  Throw on some sweats and head to the gym.  Like I said, it’s the focused and dedicated folks in the morning.  We just go in get to work and do our things.  I watch the news on the TVs and zone out and do my cardio session.  

I follow my diet of three protein shakes and two meals.  I bring a handful of nuts to the game (yep, I brought the family). All kidding aside, I bring some almonds so I don’t waiver during the game.  Nothing I like more than sunflower seeds during a baseball game.  I have to admit, I’m going to miss that. I know they are loaded with sodium and I am working too hard to have excess water weight.  


Day 39 

Feeling SORE this morning.  Tops of my thighs and my forearms are so tight, it’s hard to type.  I’m sure that is all from the tire lifting the other day.  It’s a good burn though!  It makes me feel like something is happening to my body.  I am proud of myself today.  I know every scale is different so from day 1 of MY SCALE to this morning on MY SCALE, I am down 15.2 pounds.  I feel like things are actually starting to happen to my body.   Not a lot of people have noticed yet but I keep thinking about that post – first four weeks I will notice, eight weeks family will notice and 12 weeks others will notice.  I still have another few weeks for people to start noticing. All that means to me is keep going!!!

It’s workout with Antonio day.  I look forward to these days because they seem to go fast.  Antonio is motivating and makes me work hard so I like that.


Day 40 

It’s another 5 a.m. workout.  I get in and work hard.  I manage to put the full 60 minutes in and feel great leaving.  Even if you don’t lift or do something new, it’s amazing how proud you are when leaving the gym.  It’s such a great feeling.  

I stick to my protein shakes, and I make a batch of chicken salad for my day.  I eat it with avocado.  It’s so good and filling; all the “good fats” that I need.  


Day 41 

Mike and I wake up and take our time getting ready for our workout.  I hit the gym and he hits the streets.  He runs 11 miles. I, on the other hand, DO NOT!  I am still proud of myself, though. I do my cardio.  I do Stairmaster, bike, treadmill, and manage to LISTEN to my daughter for almost the entire 60 minutes. I LOVE that.  I could barely talk but it’s easy to plug in the head phones and just listen to her talk.  Sure makes the workout go fast!  

Its Mike’s birthday and that means birthday dinner.  I make a chopped salad, Brussel sprouts and he grills up a tri-tip.  It’s awesome.  As always, I sent a picture to Antonio for him to keep tabs on me.  It doesn’t bother me at all; it makes me conscious of what I am putting on my plate and in my mouth.  

I run into a lot of friends and people reading my blog.  I get great feedback.  A lot of them say that I am motivating them.  That just blows me away. MOTIVATING, me? It’s almost hard to digest but such an honor.  Some laugh with me, some laugh at me and some just say over and over how brave I am for exposing myself to this.  If it works, it’ll be all worth it.

I have been so faithful with my workouts, my eating, and staying enthused. I, of course, have those ups and downs that anyone would experience.  I just have to keep my focus and keep on doing what I can.  With the support and being held accountable, it sure makes it easier to stay in this.  People ask me all the time “what is your goal?” Honestly, I am trying to just think about the first goal I have set – Aug. 15.  That’s my niece’s wedding.  My goal is for me to be 50 pounds less by that day!  I will keep my eye on that target and keep shooting for that goal.  


Day 42

OK, I BARELY make it to the gym today. I don’t want to go.  I actually dread it.  I am thinking about posting it on the Facebook page “The Year of You.”  I always get great postings and comments and I am sure someone will post for me to get up and get to the gym.  I manage to go to the gym and start my workout.  Once I get started all those feelings disappear.  Mike tells me to just do a hard 30 minutes but after I get going I blow past the 30 minutes and finish out strong. Awww, good job, Jen. You did it even though you didn’t want to.

Tonight we go to Tahoe Joe’s for birthday dinner. I settle on a small steak with green beans and baked potato.  I inhale the salad and then eat half of everything else.  Of course I pass on the warm bread that is placed directly in front of me by the waitress.  Why do they always put it in front of the fat girl?  Have a heart and at least put it out of arm’s reach!  They pass around a piece of cheesecake and a huge piece of chocolate  triple layer, triple frosting, triple drizzled warm chocolate sauce with triple amounts of fresh and real whipped cream … and did I say triple fattening, cake?  I took a tiny bite of each and called it a night.  Safe!

Before bedtime I whip up a protein shake and call it a night.  I have a 4:40 a.m. wake-up call for the gym.  On to Week Seven, and hopefully another successful week of working out and eating right.