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Editor’s Note: Susan McCreath has been selected to participate in the Year of You, a fitness challenge hosted by The Manteca Bulletin and CORE Athletic Performance. McCreath is keeping a weekly journal, highlighting the strides and struggles of her fitness journey. These are her thoughts and feelings shared with you.


Day 181

Clean eating, check! Exercise, check! Food prepped for tomorrow, check! It is amazing how much food prepping helps to keep you on track! It also helps when you buy only healthy food. Now, I just need to focus on getting more sleep. I was reading an article today about how a good night’s sleep helps with weight loss. Definitely something I could focus on! 


Day 182

I am sleeping so much better than I ever have, but I need to focus on going to bed earlier to get more hours of sleep. I’ve also noticed that I am not drinking as much water which could be impeding my weight loss. I wore a skirt to work though that I haven’t worn in years so that is always a positive sign. Guess I need to be more pleased with that than the number on the scale. 


Day 183

Who knew that carrying two 12-pound dumbbells while you walk in a circle could be so hard? I kept changing my position from holding them straight down, to on my shoulders, to over my head, to resting on my hips while trying to find a manageable position without dropping the weights. Then as we are all running/walking and grumbling, Tommy yells out, “C’mon you guys can do this you’ve carried kids that weigh more than this.” Hmmm … I ponder that for a second as I’m struggling to keep the weights off the ground. Yep, he’s right. I used to carry my twins around, one on each hip all the time. I used to carry their car seats around all the time with one in each hand and I never dropped them! That was the perfect comment from Tommy at the perfect time because it refocused me and put this dumbbell challenge into perspective for this mom.


Day 184

I was sorting through some things at work today when I came across an old photo of my family from about 10 years ago.  The ladies at work instantly commented on how young my children were in the picture. I, on the other hand, instantly commented on how skinny I was in the picture even making the comment, “I have shoulder bones in that picture!” The ladies told me to stop making those comments and to look at how young my kids were.  I thought about that picture all day. Most ladies complain that they gained their weight after having a kid or two.  When I looked at that picture I had four children and the twins (my youngest) were about 6 years old in the picture. There, I had proof – my children did not make me fat. Pregnancy and childbearing did not make me fat.  I gained this weight recently and quickly. No one to blame it on but myself! Or, I could blame it on my metabolism that took a horrid turn for the worst when I turned 40! 


Day 185

I was watching the World Series of Beach Volleyball with my daughter tonight. Not even sure what to say!  Envious. Jealous. Holy crap I wish I could move like that!  I think I could work my tail off and never get into that kind of shape!


Day 186

Tonight my daughter was flipping back and forth between the beach volleyball and the Crossfit Games. Really? Nothing like having the munchies while watching incredibly in shape people push themselves to the limit! Even the announcer commented that the fans at the Crossfit Games were the most in shape of any sporting event he had ever seen! It was just about at this point when my husband said that he and our daughter were going to go watch a competition next weekend. Really? I think I’ll just stay home; not ready to be part of the fittest spectator crowd!! The pressure. Think it’s time for me to go take a walk and quit watching these games on TV.


Day 187

I am feeling really positive about my weigh-in tomorrow. I have really watched my food intake this week, even packing my own salad to eat at my mom’s who had us over for dinner tonight. Went to the grocery store tonight and my daughter commented on how “healthy” our basket was when checking out! It is a good feeling knowing that some of these new habits are starting to stick!


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