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Never tiring at working toward goal
Susan McCreath, right, is ready to flip a tire while being encouraged by her workout partner Stephanie. - photo by HIME ROMERO

Editor’s Note: Susan McCreath has been selected to participate in the Year of You, a fitness challenge hosted by The Manteca Bulletin and CORE Athletic Performance. McCreath is keeping a weekly journal, highlighting the strides and struggles of her fitness journey. These are her thoughts and feelings shared with you.


Day 154

A surprisingly, interesting thing happened this morning when I woke up in Oregon. I actually told my husband that we had to leave early enough in order for me to make it to my workout that night! He agreed and drove like crazy and made it home in plenty of time! I’m pretty proud of this because it could’ve been so easy to say....oh, I didn’t make it home in time, or I’m tired from our trip...but, I didn’t. The drive is long and that causes one to think. I thought about why I started this journey and what I was trying to get out of it. I call it a journey because I knew it would be filled with peaks and valleys and it has been every bit of that, but as Robert says, “It’s about progress.” Like stopping every few hours to use the restroom and buy something in the gas station as payment for the use. Before I would’ve loaded up my soda again and bought a candy bar. Today, I bought some water and a package of nuts! It’s getting home and realizing you have absolutely nothing to eat in the house and instead of driving to the nearest drive thru I went to the store and bought some chicken. Small things, but making more conscious decisions. And that workout I just had to make it to....well, it was a leg day full of squats and lunges which was perfect after sitting in the car for 9 hours.


Day 155

I went to Napa today with some coworkers for an annual end of the year trip. Things like this can cause me stress because I automatically start trying to figure out what I will eat and how I will drink enough water without looking like a freak that has to pee every 30 minutes. Lunch was interesting. We ended up in a snazzy restaurant...I think it was French, but not really sure because I couldn’t read the menu! Our group laughed about the menu because they did have an English translation of all the foods, but We still didn’t know what half of them were! I remembered that Robert always says to order a salad when in doubt, but the freakin salads were $25 and I was hungry....for that kind of money I’m skipping the salad and going for some meat! I settled on some chicken (I think) that was served with “old hen salsa.” Figured I couldn’t go wrong with chickens, hens, and salsa. The food was good, but more importantly satisfying! After window shopping for a bit we decide to head home. When we get in the car I look at the clock and thought to myself, “yes, we will make it home in time for me to workout!” Where are these crazy thoughts coming from?? Lol. I make it to my workout and it is a lifting day for biceps and triceps. Love these days because it makes me feel like I’m getting shapely, toned arms for all those tank tops I want to wear.


Day 156

The photographer for the paper was at the workout tonight so I automatically knew that I was going to have a good workout! I don’t want to look like a fool on camera, so was going to push myself extra hard....that thought lasted until we started running sprints! At times I felt like I was running as fast as I could on my Jell-O legs, but every time I kept coming in last place. Sometimes this is a hard pill to swallow because I used to be fast! My older brothers used to have me race their friends for money and I would win. I ran track in high school and would win. I didn’t always win the sprints at my college volleyball practices, but I was never last!! I even skipped a sprint tonight.. Yep, just stood there panting as the others ran another one. That never would’ve happened in college. Skip a part of the workout. The coach would’ve gone ballistic and I and everyone else would’ve been punished with more sprints or some crazy box jumping. But, there were parts of my workout tonight that I felt extremely proud of. Thanks to a great partner (Stephanie) who was pushing me to be my best I was able to flip the big tire ...a first for me!! I’m not sure how much that tire weighs, but I do know it was taking a lot of effort to get it up and over. I hope the photographer got a good shot of us doing it....definitely a pic to use for my motivational wall.


Day 157

The last of the planned trips for the summer began today. I am in San Jose while my daughter attends a volleyball camp. I have spent a good portion of the day wandering around campus and reminiscing about when I played volleyball here. Those were the days...the thin days! There was a time when my coaches and teammates were concerned that I might be anorexic because I was so skinny....imagine that! Me, skinny! Like rail thin skinny! When I played my weight was around 140-145.... I played my last match 25 years ago! So over the course of 25 years, marriage, 4 kids (set of twins), and a career I packed on over 100 pounds! Amazing so many ways! I cannot even believe I have gained that much weight. It actually disgusts me when I think that I am one of those people that could lose 100 pounds! 


Day 158

I’m still stuck on that thought that I have gained 100 pounds since I left college which made me think about my weight goal. I know that when I weighed 140-145 people always told me that I looked anorexic. At 6-foot that was probably the truth! I have no intention of getting back to the 140s....and do not feel that would be a healthy weight for me. When I started this journey I was thinking that my first goal was to get under 200 pounds. My second goal would be to end somewhere around 170 and see how things looked and felt at that point. More importantly though...I want some of the cute clothes in my closet to fit me.


Day 159

I saw a post on Facebook the other day that told women that they should never be afraid to put on a bathing suit and that they should never miss an opportunity for fun in the sun and pool because they won’t put on a suit. Yeah...that sounds like a great idea until one puts on a suit! But, I did it. I put on my suit and covered up and headed down to the hotel pool. I feel like everyone is staring at me, but in reality I know they probably aren’t. I find a lounge chair tucked away and then I did it...I took off my cover up and layed on the lounge chair in nothing but my bathing suit. It’s amazing how this little act can cause so much stress for me and a majority of woman! I try to visualize the point in my journey when I will be comfortable being in a bathing suit ... but, I can’t picture it.


Day 160

I am back home tonight and even though I think I ate pretty well while I was away I still feel bloated. Eating all of your meals in restaurants is not conducive to this journey and I have really noticed how salty or sugary foods taste when not prepared at home. I have also found it more difficult to keep my water intake high when I am away from home...but, I have learned to always carry a water bottle in my purse! Progress!


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