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Record book elicits dreams of big catch
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I recently received the International Game Fish Associations 2010 World Record Game Fishes Book.

I actually keep it next to my bed and sometimes thumb through it before going to sleep. There are six categories: All Tackle, Saltwater Line Class, Freshwater Line Class, Saltwater Fly Rod, Freshwater Fly Rod and Junior.

Anglers who are under the age of 10 are placed in the Small Fry category, and anglers over 10 years and less than 16 years old are considered juniors. The Junior category I find the most interesting of all.

Several of them I believe caught fish that may have outweighed them.

Like most anglers, I was immediately interested if there were any records that I thought I may have a chance of breaking. I definitely wasn’t about to go after a fish that weighed more than me.

Immediately, I looked for the record catches of Bluegill, as they’re usually pretty easy to catch. My dreams were shattered when I found out that the world record Bluegill is a little less than five pounds. I’ve never seen one over two pounds and can’t imagine seeing one close to five pounds.

So for now, my world record dreams will continue to be just that, and as spring is right around the corner who knows what will be biting on the end of my line.     

Delta Report
The bite should be starting to turn on for a lot of anglers. Bass fishing still remains tough for the impatient angler.

Typical of early spring, anglers are reporting days of catching a lot of fish and days where they struggle to get bit. The bites are far and few for those fishing jigs, but the fish being caught are worth the effort.

Don’t forget to work your baits deeper than normal, as fish are being found stacking up in transitional areas before making their way to the shallows.

New Melones Lake
The trout fishing continues tobe  red hot at this lake with anglers catching limits throughout the lake. Anglers are also catching a lot of planter-sized trout that have been released into the lake by the Department of Fish and Game.

Both anglers on and off the bank are doing well while using Power Bait. Anglers trolling are fishing between 15 and 20 feet deep.

Bass fishing is picking up on the lake, as anglers are starting to see a few small groups of fish moving shallow. The bite hasn’t opened up just yet but will be shortly.

Lake Don Pedro
Trout fishing has picked up lately for anglers trolling anywhere from 10-15 feet deep. Bass fishing is also starting to pick up for a lot of anglers.

A majority of anglers are throwing large swimbaits with mixed results. Anglers fishing points and schools of fish down to 35 feet are catching small limits and an occasional good fish.

Lake Pardee
The lake is now open and should provide great action for those fishing for trout. For bass, typically opening day on the lake is tough as the water temperature combined with gin clear water is a recipe for tough conditions.

Lake Camanche
Trout fishing continues to be great on the lake as many anglers are doing well while trolling or fishing off the bank.

Power Bait continues to be a favorite of many anglers, and Rapalas are hard to beat for those trolling. Bass fishing is picking up as limits are not hard to find for those fishing bottom baits.

No longer is the Delta Bay Enhancement Stamp necessary for those planning on fishing the Delta, however the Sturgeon Fishing Report Card is still required for those planning on fishing for Sturgeon.

Fortunately, the card is free and can be acquired at most tackle shops.

Fishing Tip
For those who like to drop shot, try fishing two baits by rigging one hook close to the bottom and a second hook up a couple feet.

Often, if you’re in a really good area you may be able to catch two fish at the same time. It’s also recommended that your bottom bait be a darker color imitating crawdads which are often found walking along the bottom.

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