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Hair and Nails salon locked down after bank holdup
Police prepare to get to the east side of the duplex where they shot more tear gas inside the house to flush out two Bank of America robbery suspects. - photo by ROSE ALBANO RISSO
The Bank of America was not the only victim of Fridays’ bank robbery.

The Hair and Nails beauty salon owned by Edith Saberton lost half a day of business after the police ordered it closed while a SWAT team and law enforcement officers from Manteca, Ripon, and the California State Parks surrounded a house across the street where the two suspects were holed up.

Hairdresser Sylvia Nolasco, who had a clear view through the window of the fleeing men with their “hoodies” still on, said she saw one of the suspects drop a duffel bag to the ground but that he went back and retrieved it.

“She saw them coming through the alley, saw them running, so she ran to the door and was describing to me what was happening while I was calling 9-1-1. I described to the police woman on the other line that they (the suspects) went in the house between the blue house and the brown house. And that’s when the police got over there,” said Saberton who has owned the business on South Lincoln Street next to the alley and about a block away from the Bank of America for 17 years.

While the police were trying to flush the suspects out of a duplex rental home which backs out against the alley on South Grant Street, Saberton and her employees were ordered to lock their door as a safety precaution. All of the 15 people inside which included Saberton, her four beauticians and several clients, were ordered to stay where they were. A while later, some of the customers were allowed to get out of the building through a side back door facing the alley.

Hairdresser Sylvia Nolasco, who saw the fleeing suspects from her work station which has a clear shot of the alley across the street straight up to the back parking lot of Bank of America, also took off on behalf of co-workers Johnnie Howard and Belinda Rogers, to pick up their children at Manteca High. Students at the school were also ordered to evacuate to the Lincoln Park as a safety precaution.

Fortunately, said Saberton, Nolasco was not working on a client at the moment when she saw the suspects running. But the others were busy with their respective clients – Rogers was working on Vivian Dorville’s hair, Howard was giving somebody a manicure, and Saberston was giving a perm to a customer.

“Everybody was calm but we were just, like, ‘lock the doors! Lock the doors!’ But we were also nervous because we saw so many police. They were there in a matter of minutes; they were there right away,” Saberton said.

While the salon was on lockdown, Saberton said they all managed to finish their customers’ nails and hair. However, she had to close the shop the rest of the day.

“We had to call the customers (with appointments) because they could not get anybody in. And nobody could get out so we just stayed inside. Some of the ladies stayed there until 2 p.m.,” Saberton said.

This was not the first time they’ve seen police action coming from the Bank of America, she said.

“They (the suspects) always run in our alley. We’ve seen them coming from the alley being chased by police. You’re nervous but excited at the same time,” Saberton said.