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Remember that we all had mothers
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It is not alright to refer to a woman using a sexual vulgarity.

And just because a woman may be a politician doesn’t make it OK for anyone – liberal or conservative – to demean them by taking commentary to the gutter.

In a broad sense utterances from the likes of Russ Limbaugh on the right and Bill Maher on the left when it is aimed at women they disagree with politically is no better than hardcore rap music imploring men to rape women along with the constant lyrics degrading females.

And just because one believes they are on the “politically correct” or “right” side of an issue doesn’t give them carte blanche to trash women who disagree with them either.

Most of us cuss. Most of us are well aware of words that demean women. And most of us either shrink away from confronting someone who uses such words for not wanting to sound like we’re prude or uptight . And in the case of politics we refrain from being outraged unless, of course, it is someone of an opposing political camp that spews such venom.

There has always been coarse language when it comes to describing women.

It rarely, though, made its way into public discourse until the past 20 years or so.

Our inhibitions as a society against such verbal degradations in public forums sometimes gets blamed on the 1960s or rap music. But in reality it can be traced to the dawn of instantaneous and anonymous communication via Internet vehicles.

People have always had heated exchanges verbally and in writing about politics. But when people get a chance to do so anonymously they let all sense of respect and decorum goes out the window.

Making it all the worse is you rarely – if ever – see male politicians disparaged using vulgar sexual terms.

The next time those who disagree with the politics of a Bill Maher when he describes conservative women using vulgarities or those who disagree with the politics of Russ Limbaugh who attacks a female whose political position he doesn’t like with words one would expect from a hardcore rap artist, instead of getting incensed we should ask ourselves what we’re doing to discourage such demeaning references.

It is nice to organize advertising boycotts but only if you do that with everyone who opts to wallow in the sleaze of degrading language even if you happen to agree with their politics.

We need to have zero tolerance toward belittling women using vulgarities just because they are liberal or conservative.

It isn’t funny. It doesn’t advance political discourse. And it reflects poorly on all of us when we tolerate it.

It’s ironic how we all seem alarmed when children – some who aren’t out of puberty – resort to using such trashy language.

But what do you expect? Check out videos on the Internet. Read a few political blogs. Tune in the Bill Maher Show. Tune in Russ Limbaugh.

Yes, there is a war on women and it is being waged by men who tolerate anyone – even those they agree with politically – demeaning women.

Situational standards are just as wrong as situational ethics. And if that doesn’t hit home, remember that we all had mothers.

This column is the opinion of managing editor, Dennis Wyatt, and does not necessarily represent the opinion of The Bulletin or Morris Newspaper Corp. of CA.  He can be contacted at or 209-249-3519.