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Manages to resist Mickey D temptation
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EDITOR’S NOTE: Joshua Messersmith has been selected to participate in the Year of You, a fitness challenge hosted by The Manteca Bulletin, CORE Athletic Performance and CalFit Manteca. Messersmith is keeping a weekly journal, highlighting the strides and struggles of his fitness journey. These are his thoughts and feelings shared with you.


Day 43 

A start to what I saw as a great week ahead started with me sleeping through my alarm and waking up late. I squeezed in breakfast by making eggs quickly. I had to rush off to work while eating and made it just on time. Another regular Monday at work, except waking up late I had forgot to bring lunch for work. As soon as I got off I went home to make some chicken and broccoli to eat. I then went to Modesto to go watch my sister play softball, which is always one of my favorite things to do. After the game, I decided to go to Dick’s Sporting Goods and purchase an Elevation Training Mask. I then went directly to the gym after I bought the mask. It was a memorable workout to say the least. I couldn’t keep myself from having to take a few cheat breaths during the tire tosses Robert (Iniguez) had me do. I then hit back and biceps followed with more tire tosses to end my day.


Day 44 

Well today started off with a compliment I have rarely heard. A coworker walked by and said that I was getting “skinny.” I was running late again and ended up eating my breakfast at work, which was Greek yogurt, granola and eggs. For lunch, I ate ground turkey with broccoli and that was for the first half of my day. Once I got off I went to Costco to get more groceries. Then I went to Sierra High to watch my sister play once again; another victory which always makes the game more enjoyable. I then went home to get ready for another evening at CORE. I hit chest and triceps today and could feel it immediately. I am still trying to adjust to the mask but love it so far. I then went home to eat and then went to bed to catch up on some much-needed rest. 


Day 45

Today I woke up in pain. My right elbow was stiff and hurt with any movement I made. I had broken my elbow several years ago and every once in a while it will get sore, but it’s never felt like this before. Luckily it was leg day at the gym. I know “lucky” and “leg day” should never be used in the same sentence. Well, after I finished all my leg work I then had to do 20 minutes of stair work with a 45-pound plate. I was not ready to do that while wearing the mask. I ended up cutting it short and went home to ice and rest my elbow. I stuck to my normal foods when hungry or not busy running errands. I ended up buying Chipotle once again and took it to Rainbow Fields, where my sister had more games for me to go watch. After the games, I had a meeting with the DJ for our wedding. After all that I finally got to go home and relax for the day. 


Day 46

I was planning on relaxing for the day but that did not happen. After breakfast I went to see my grandparents to help tear out some tree roots and mow the lawn. I then picked up my sister from school, but my baby brother had to come so I had to get his car seat and buckle him up so he could come along for the ride. I was also asked by my grandpa to get my brother McDonalds, so through the drive through I went. All those temptations but I stood strong and did not purchase anything for myself. I then went home but had to leave again to run errands for the wedding. I went to CORE once I returned home. I thought my elbow was feeling better until I attempted a shoulder press. I had to go lighter weight but still toughed out my workout. I returned home to ice my elbow and to get another good night’s sleep.


Day 47

After sleeping in for awhile I started my day off with another tough ab workout from Robert. I could not complete some of the stuff because of my elbow was still in pain. I was exhausted after the workout nonetheless. I then went home to get ready for work. Another normal day where I was held over night after my shift was over. So that means another boring Saturday for you to read.


Day 48

I got off at 6 a.m. after spending the night watching a youth in a room filled with odor from a rotten sandwich bag that had gone unnoticed. I went home to sleep and then off to work again for the rest of the night.


Day 49

After waking up, I decided to cook meals for the next three days. I made chicken, quinoa and broccoli. I prepared my meals and then I was off to work. Nothing exciting happened all day and that was OK with me. Days like this make it not feel like work.