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Swearing off scales for now
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EDITOR’S NOTE: Jeanette Balmut has been selected to participate in the Year of You, a fitness challenge hosted by The Manteca Bulletin, CalFit Manteca and CORE Athletic Performance. Balmut is keeping a weekly journal, highlighting the strides and struggles of her fitness journey. These are her thoughts and feelings shared with you.


Day 15

Today I woke up a little bummed, again!  I know I am being totally unrealistic but I just wish it would come off as fast as it goes on. I swear I can PUT five pounds on in one day; how come I can’t take five pounds off in two weeks? IT’S SO NOT FAIR. 

Today is a training day; I get to the gym and start my warmup.  Antonio us under the weather and tells me to stick to cardio and we’ll hit it hard tomorrow.  I finish with a 60-minute cardio and head home.  

• • •

Day 16

OK, what the heck is going on?  I’m feeling a little discouraged.  As hard as I am working and how good my diet has been, shouldn’t I be like in a bikini by now?  Everyone asks me “Do you love it? Do you love going to the gym?” Let’s get one thing straight — no, I don’t LOVE it.  I LOVE sitting on my couch and watching The Bachelor.  I LOVE being lazy and doing nothing.   However, I WANT to do this and I need to do this for so many reasons.  Thank god for Antonio because at least he makes it fun and makes me work hard and get through it.  

I arrived at the gym with a fever, cough and not quite ready for whatever Antonio was going to put me through.  I warmed up and we got started.  Antonio mentioned that it has been two weeks and we needed to step up the training.  WHAT?  What have we been doing? I can’t imagine doing more. We go to work on legs.  As most of you know, the biggest part of me!  Feel the burn?  Are you kidding me? Just getting into the machine I already felt it.  I saw a few regulars look over at me with this look of pure sorrow.  They knew I was dying and I had just started.  

I finished out somewhat strong and got another earful of Antonio telling me to EAT MORE.  My body is holding on to my fat because I am not eating enough.  My husband tells me the same thing.  I do feel like I am eating, I am never hungry and I’m eating good stuff, just not often enough.  The goal is to eat every two hours.  Small handfuls of nuts, fruit, veggies; something to keep my metabolism burning.  I will start tomorrow and see if it helps!


Day 17

Fever, chills, coughing, exhausted but I’m determined to get to the gym.  This will not stop me!  It’s a tough day to get down my calories. I don’t feel good so it’s hard to eat.  I attack the gym with vigor though and manage to put in a 90-minute workout. Antonio tells me he is proud of me and that he can start to see the results, a little!  That just adds fuel to this fire.  After a 30-minute warmup then a training session, I say good night to Antonio and start to head out.  First I make a stop at the treadmill and put in another 30 minutes of cardio.  I can, I can, I can!  

Could barely get down some vegetables and grilled chicken. Out cold by 7:50 pm.  


Day 18

I have an appointment after work today so I decide I’m going to tackle the gym at 5 a.m.  I like it. It’s quiet, dark, and the news is on and everyone around me is pretty much doing the same thing — zoning out with their earphones on, cardio and preparing for the day.  I think I could get used to this!  It’s weird to think I have like 36 hours before I will back to the gym. It’s like a vacation!


Day 19

I’M DONE!  I QUIT! I WONT DO IT AGAIN!  I will not get on or look at the scale again.  It’s depressing and not moving each time I get on it. I just get more discouraged so I have made a vow to myself to not get on it again until Feb. 19.  That will be one month since I started and the day I do my weigh-in and retake my measurements.    

Today’s the day I miss my first workout since starting this journey.  I have a fever, feel horrible and my coughing is so bad I seriously don’t think I can make it to the gym.  I’m mad at myself, but know I have to get well before I can continue.  The good thing is, I feel so crummy that I have no appetite and no desire for food!  Not the intended way to do this.  After overcoming the guilt, I crawl in bed and remain there the rest of the day.


Day 20

Feeling somewhat better and ready to tackle the gym.  I head over around 10 a.m., a first for me at this time of the day.  The gym is bustling with excitement.  Lots of action going on so it’s easy to jump on the treadmill and get to work. I break out into an instant sweat, not knowing if it’s because I still have a touch of the flu or if it’s because I haven’t been there in two days.  I manage to make it a full 65 minutes.  Feeling good!  

Mike and I head to Costco to load up on vegetables, fruit, nuts, and meats.  It sure costs a lot to eat healthy!  We make a great dinner, steaks, Brussel sprouts, and fresh spinach. Nothing like it! We always make extra so we have something good for leftovers; today is no exception.  


Day 21

I head over to the gym around 10 a.m. again.  It appears I am the only woman here.   A little intimidating.  You can tell it’s the die-hard group here on Sundays.  I settle into my workout and after 45 minutes I look around to see if anyone is looking. I’m going to try to crank it up and actually jog on the treadmill.  “Oh Lord, please don’t let me fall.”   I actually do OK and manage to finish out strong.  I completed 2.5 miles and burned 550 calories.  

This afternoon I go to the movies and bring my own smart pop-popcorn.  I put it in a Ziplock bag and have it all measured out.  Sad to think that my entire workout from this morning was in that small little bag of popcorn.  550 calories, ugh!  Makes you realize how hard you have to work to burn off the good stuff.

Let’s bring on Week 3!