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A flag that represents both the fallen & the veteran
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin

This past week I was honored to receive  the flag from my uncle’s funeral.

My uncle was Staff Sgt. Wendell L. Baldwin from the 160 Inf. 40 Inf. Division in World War II. He was killed May 14, l945 and was given a Purple Heart for his service to our Country.

When I received the flag this past week from my cousin, Dale Baldwin, my brother was here and folded the flag the proper way.  My brother is Roy M. Shoemaker, a retired Marine major. 

We encased the flag with the Purple Heart.

This encased flag represents WW II and Vietnam – as my uncle who passed served in WW II and my brother, who folded the flag, served in Vietnam. As such, it represents the “fallen” and the “living” veterans, as well as two wars.

 I decided to hold this precious flag in the Memorial Day parade (this Monday at 11:30 a.m. in downtown Manteca). Perhaps no one else will recognize the value of it, but I am doing it as a tribute to both the fallen and the living veterans whom I appreciate so very much.

Thank you veterans.

Mary Ann Kullman
May 27, 2011